We are celebrating 30 years of the Belgrave Mela and we want you to join in by sharing your stories, films and pictures.

A few guidelines:

  • Please keep your entries short - ideally a few sentences.
  • Feel free to link to more information, including audio and video recordings, elsewhere online - include any web addresses in the content field.
  • Include a relevant image if you can (but make sure you have permission to use it).
  • Submit as many entries as you like.
  • Do have a look at other people's entries and share and tweet your favourites.
  • Please note that your submission may be included within our formal archive and project publicity.

Our Agreement

By submitting these items you agree to Leicester Belgrave Mela (LBM) copying and using them in relation to the Belgrave Mela: a 30 year history project. LBM agrees to use them with relevance and in fair use, including:

  • Use in schools, universities, colleges and other educational establishments
  • Dissertation or similar research
  • Public performance, lectures or talks
  • Use in publications, including print, audio or visual
  • Public reference purposes in libraries, museums & record offices
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  • Publication worldwide on the internet

We may get in touch if we have any questions. We won't send you unrelated emails or pass your details to anyone else.