Leicester Libraries
A selection of Floats from the procession which used to flow down Belgrave Road as part of the Mela Festivals in the 90s

18th of June 1988
Raj Singh - Mela Organiser in the 1980's!

27th of August 1985
This is the front page of a pull out Mela Supplement from 1998 which featured in the Leicester Mercury.

12th of July 1998
The Mela last year was fantastic, such a fun day out! Last year I brought along an Aussie, this year I'm bringing along a New Zealander, so spreading the Leicester Mela magic worldwide!

26th of August 2013
Some photo's from last year's festival!

26th of August 2013
Our poster from the 1999 festival in Abbey Park.

26th of June 1999
2 dancing girls in Cossington Park

9th of July 1984